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Do you know someone qualified and available to crew on our fleet? Recommend them and you'll receive $500 for referring either a captain or a chef to PYM. If you know of a team, we'll give you $1,000!

50% of the total referral fee will be paid per crew member at time of hire and the balance will be paid after 4 completed charters from the hire date to the staff that referred. Only qualified crews that are out of contract or have expiring contracts will be accepted. 

Must email erik@paradiseyachtmanagement.com to qualify.


"PYM is not just a management company, it is a community of yacht crew, owners, administration, and maintenance. I love that you can bring anything to the table and it is addressed with thoughtful consideration, in a timely manner. Aside from the responsiveness and support provided, PYM has created an atmosphere of openness, creativity, and fun!"

"PYM is a very knowledgable entity that knows how to steer questions in the correct direction. They have always made for very inclusive and helpful environment. Finding one's way around the many questions and issues regarding the ins and outs of this industry has been pleasant with PYM"

"PYM has been on e of the companies that I have worked for in this industry! I appreciate everything the team does to ensure that the needs of the individuals, crew, and vessels are well taken care of."

"Paradise Yacht Management is thorough and has a lot of resources. They support their crews and we all feel very much like a team. I have felt welcomed and supported by them."

"Pym has been a driving force with the vessels that are in the fleet. To having a office staff so little is quite incredible for the amount of work that is required. The staff has done every once of what they could do to help facilitate the vessels in all there needs. To having the Marketing team down at the boats scrubbing walls to the Broker relational team getting birthday supplies for a trip. It is something that you quite don't see everywhere."

"What I value the most of PYM is the support network they provide all around. I feel part of a honest and professional company"

"PYM has been a great management company to work for. Having all these departments to reach out to in times of need or further information have been very helpful. I look forward to continuing with PYM as we both grow."

"PYM has been a great company to work for. We appreciate all the support in Maintenance, marketing and bookings."

"We have worked as a captain & chef team for Paradise Yacht Management for over three years, during which time we have felt extremely supported and valued as employees. There have been several times when we’ve needed advice, a helping hand, or heck, even a miracle. Our managers, Steve & Hank, have come through for us every single time. We’re grateful to them for all their hard work and proud to be a part of a growing team that stands by their core values and are well respected in our industry. PYM is a great company, or as we know them, family."

"As a yacht management company, PYM juggles a large amount of responsibilities while holding their values at top priority, which is highly honorable. Having worked with some other management companies in the Virgin Islands, I can say that PYM exceeds expectations for Caribbean yacht managing. Just the fact that I am filling out this survey shows that the management cares about evolving and becoming the best company they can be."

"This company and my last company couldn't be more different. Last company was all about secrets and micro managing. The one thing I love the most about PYM is feeling equal amongst the whole staff. I feel very much a part of one big team rather than just another expendable grunt.

issues will happen. We all have big dreams and ideas and I think PYM has some good ones. Executing those ideas however can be an excruciating venture in a place like St. Thomas. So I'm certainly not quick to judge. I've always felt valued here and that's what gos a very long way for me as an employee."

"Although I haven’t worked with other management companies, I hear horror stories from peers about the other ones. PYM works tirelessly to make the company feel like a family, creating a strong network of support, whether that is for the day to day running of charters or even for social and emotional support. I feel very lucky to have found myself among such passionate, generous, intelligent and supportive people."

"It’s very nice to be a part of a supportive team! When we are out here in the grind it’s comforting to know that PYM has our back! We enjoy the support and community we feel with PYM! Thanks for all you do!"

"Thank you all for being there! it's great being part of the PYM family!"

"Paradise has created the best career path in my life to this day. Problems can occur everyday but PYM does a great job at quickly resolving any issue to be had. Thank you all."

"Happy there is clear stream of communication and always someone there to help me out."

"Our overall experience with PYM has been great! We feel like we have a family supporting us and looking out for us!"

"PYM is an amazing company to work with. They comradeship and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. They have been wonderful at walking us through so many aspects of the industry and all the staff are so positive and knowledgeable. Everyone without a doubt goes above and beyond and I have never been left without feedback or an answer to a problem."

"PYM is not only a great management company, but it is quite like a family. From the first day, the entire team was very inclusive and quick to iron out any kinks that were of discomfort for us aboard our new vessel. A eclectic team of cultured captains, chefs and office crew they are authentic, professional and not afraid to work through any conflict! I appreciate being a part of the team, for not only the resource a management company offers working crew; but the community that they strive to build."

"I am confident that we chose the best fit company for us as new crew. I enjoy the community aspect of PYM and the camaraderie. It's always a good feeling seeing another PYM boat all the way in the BVI. You all really instill that we are a community and we all help each other navigate these waters."

"PYM is great, I love the emphasis they put on the family dynamic and feeling supported. They are amazing at handling conflicts and ensuring you are happy and taken care of"

"I love paradise. I walked in a year ago asking for a job and they stopped at nothing to make sure I was on a boat even after accepting another position that was not the right fit for me. I’m grateful for them and look forward to growing with this amazing company."