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Capt. Brian Christiansen

Share in the unique experiences of the Virgin Islands that Elena and Brian craft for you sailing aboard the spacious, wind-powered vessel, Black Tortuga.

With close to a decade of experience taking people into the wild, Brian shares his sense of adventure with guests. Raised in Utah and frequently found at sea, Brian is confronted with questions as to how he became an ocean-going captain. Most people forget there is a small ocean, the Great Salt Lake, in his desert home. His father taught him a love for all activities in and around water. Reading sea-faring novels from the golden-age of discovery inspired him to lust for the horizon and he eventually made his way aboard expedition ships plying all the planet's waters. Alongside working for National Geographic Expeditions, he operated specialty charters through the Lesser Antilles on his own sailing vessel. As a USCG 100ton rated captain, his attention to detail and professionalism are integral to safe operation of the vessel. As a fellow human with passions in outdoor pursuits, he is a perfect companion for fun activities if you want to try your hand at at anything from surfing and kiteboarding to freediving and kayaking. Holding a degree in film-making, working as a videographer and being a reward winning photographer; he can create, upon prior request, a media package of the events that make your trip remarkable.

Chef Elena Christiansen

Elena's spirit awakens in the open. After traveling to over thirty countries, her instinct draws her to beautiful and isolated places. Her love for nature led her from jagged mountain peaks of Switzerland into the deep blue of the Indo-Pacific. She became a PADI certified scuba instructor in Komodo so she can share her love of undersea life with others. Join her for some scuba diving or become certified while onboard and see what the hype is all about! Growing up in an international household, her culinary influences are mainly French and Swiss with added spice from her travels, specializing in creating heart-warming dishes from the simplest of ingredients. She aspires to cater her dishes toward individual diets and has perfected eco-friendly, plant-based menu selections. Placing great importance on the dining experience, speaking three languages, and versed in the art of conversation makes spending time with her a joy, no matter where you are from.

Elena and Brian met in Raja Ampat diving and sailing and are fully committed to spending every moment in each other’s company with their first love, the water. Blending luxurious yacht life and connecting with nature in easy grace, they ignite voyagers' passion for Caribbean beauty. Sailing in consistent winds on the azure waters of the Virgin Islands while visiting white sandy beaches with quaint hideaways is a perfect way to charter. 

Come join them aboard Black Tortuga for the wind-powered charter of a lifetime. You will go home with more than memories - you will have inspiring stories of rewarding experiences. With Elena and Brian, you are guaranteed an unforgettable week. As a team, they are perfectly matched to make your tropical getaway magical.



Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, homemade buns, fresh herbs and hollandaise sauce

Scrambled egg wrap

Wrap filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, beans, spinach and a homemade sauce


Homemade fluffy pancakes (gluten free on demand) with topping of your choice

Smoothie bowl

Your choice of mixed fresh fruits, milk and topped with nuts, seeds and fruits

French toast

Homemade bread soaked in milk and sugar, fried in a pan, topped with fresh fruits and vibrant coulis

Breakfast sliders

Personal sandwiches with homemade bread, eggs, cheese, avocado and garlic aioli


Fresh oatmeal served with fresh fruits, nuts, chia seeds and dry fruits


Tacos Al Pastor

Marinated meat in Al Pastor sauce with homemade tortillas, salsa verde cruda and pineapple

Mahi Mahi ceviche

Market fish marinated in lime juice and garlic, tossed with tomatoes, spanish onions, peppers, avocado and cilantro

Tom Kha soup

Traditional thai soup with coconut milk, chicken, lemongrass, mushrooms and rice noodles

Quiche au fromage

Savory quiche with a crispy hash brown crust, cream, three different cheeses and spices

Buddha bowl

A blend of vibrant flavours with quinoa, avocado, sweet potato, spinach, fresh tomatoes, beans, fruit and chicken

Gua Bao

Traditional korean meal with marinated meat, homemade gua bao buns, sesame seeds and greens

Spanish salad

Rice salad with fresh vegetables, olives, shrimps and chorizo


The Black Tortuga

Rum, Grand Marnier, champagne, passion fruit juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice


Mint, lime jus, sugar cane, rum, sparkling water/soda


Tequila, Cointreau, lime jus

Tutti frutti

Mix of berries, vodka, lime jus and sugar

Pina Colada

Coconut milk, rum, pineapple jus, banana jus, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg


Rum, pineapple & orange juices, cream of coconut, fresh ground nutmeg


Lime, cachaça, sugar, soda/sparkling water (can be added fresh mixed fruits)

The Beautiful Bell pepper

Gin, Bell pepper, lime juice, fresh basil leaves, agave sirup

Peach Bellini

Champagne, peach schnapps, lime juice, peaches, grenadine sirup, simple sirup

Espresso Martini

Vodka, coconut cream, kahlua espresso, espresso ice cubes (same as our tropical iced coffee)

Captain's Nut

Fresh plucked coconut, coconut water, lime in da coconut, captain's choice liquor

Any additional cocktails or mocktails available on request


Bloody mary deviled eggs

Boiled eggs stuffed with mayonnaise, garlic and mustard, paprika and celery

Babaganoush and Hummus

Traditional dishes from north Africa, grilled eggplants or mashed chick peas mixed with olive oil, spices, tahini and yogurt, served with homemade focaccia

Fried goods

Deep fried homemade onions rings or other vegetables, served with a selection of sauces (homemade aioli, pomodoro, tartar etc...)

Best ever Guacamole

Taking the CLASSIC to a whole new level... with secret ingredients


Pastries filled with creamy mushrooms and fresh herbs

Baked artichoke wonton cups

Creamy spinach and artichoke dip in bite-sized wonton cups

The incredible figs

Figs stuffed with goat cheese, pine nuts and honey


Mango salsa Mahi Mahi

Traditional Caribbean dish with fresh Mahi from the market, mango salsa and rice

Scallops cassolettes

Seared scallops served in their cassolettes with creamy sauce, white wine and rice

Captain's hamburger

Homemade buns, grilled burger, homemade sauces, fresh vegetables, avocado

Salmon tartare

Classic salmon tartare served with fries and homemade garlic bread

Chicken Parmiggiana

Grilled chicken served with parmiggiana sauce, mozzarella and vegetables

Ahi Tuna

Seared fresh tuna in sesame crust, Ponzu sauce and vegetable entremet

Honey lemon chicken

Chicken in a honey and lemon sauce, homemade sweet potato puree and vegetables


Raspberry macaron

Homemade macaron with fresh raspberries and raspberry cream

Chocolate mousse

Light chocolate mousse with dark chocolate


Homemade cheesecake, with Graham, fresh berry coulis/caramel/chocolate topping


Traditional Italian tiramisu with sponge biscuit, mascarpone creme and coffee

Lemon tarte with marshmallow fluff

Classic homemade lemon tarte with a marshmallow fluff

Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate lava cake served with vanilla icecream


Fluffy vanilla biscuit, light vanilla cream and fresh strawberries

Tropical entremet

Mix of tropical fruit entremet, light buscuit topped with coconut whipped cream and mango coulis

*Most meals can be adapted to specific dietary requests*

December 2020
Brian & Elena,
Where shall I begin? Im thinking I should start with "what happens on a boat stays on a boat!" I can't believe how many fun moments and adventures we had. Best snorkeling ever Island chillin, turtle sightings, game nights, hike, best food ever, underwater pics, learning free diving, beach tennis and much more! Thanks for the best girls trip ever! We love yall and cant wait for another adventure with Brian & Elana! 
- Kristin, Mag, and Lindsey
December 2020
Brian & Elena,
We have had the most amazing wee with you guys. Thank you so much for keeping us safe, entertained and fed with the best food! So grateful for all the knowledge you all have shared and incredible spots you guys shared with us. We cannot wait to come back!
- Kat
Thanksgiving 2020
Brian & Elena,
Thank you both for the most perfect vacation EVER! We seriously loved every second. We were so bummed when the trip got cancelled back in April due to covid, but this was so worth the wait! Elena, your cooking is incredible and it will be missed - your unbelievable birthday cake, pizza rolls, homemade bread, pasta carbonara, and all the rest.. Brian, we loved your ukulele playing, snorkel tours, "scurfing" skills, and everything you did! We are also so happy we got to learn "poo head" - so many laughs!

Black Tortuga, you guys + this beautiful place will be so missed and remembered forever! Hopefully we'll be back! And if you ever need a sailing assistant, I'm sure John would step right up! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

We love you guys!

Our time on Black Tortuga was AMAZING! Cruising around St. John and out to Flanagan Island was so beautiful. I will never forget the dives, snorkel, noodle floats, meals, fruity drinks, and sunsets. EPIC!!! Night dive watching the octopus feed was a bucket list moment. Every second was pure bliss.
An Amazing Team!

You are an amazing team. Thanks for all the fun laughter and creating the environment for our family to bond and spend quality time together.

Thank you for your passion for the sea and these beautiful islands. I appreciate the extra care and effort in making what were already amazing meals, edible for me with all of my allergies. First trip ever that food was a highlight of the vacation and I felt included when it was time to eat. Casper and I enjoyed our trip immensely. Thank you!

You guys are soooo AMAZING! this trip will forever be so memorable because you made it so great and so fun for me and my family! Brian you are so much fun and so cool teaching us new things and about the history of the islands was one of my favorites. We really enjoyed you hanging out with us and keeping us busy and filling up our days with fun. Elena, your cooking was incredible and so beautiful. I always looked forward to our meals and snacks :). I loved your passion for everything and the ocean and life itself! I love learning new things from you and everything you say sounds so amazing about places and things you have done! You both are incredible and I'm so thankful for this trip and getting to meet you. Dont' change anything. I loved it all.

Trip of a Lifetime!
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! I love your passion and knowledge of the sea. Having you two as company was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for being so patient and kind.

Amazing Trip!
It was amazing! The only complaint is it went way to fast! Food was amazing, company/sailing/stories....all made for the perfect get-a-way.

Will Remember Forever!
Thank you for being such wonderful tour guides and hosts on such a beautiful boat. it was a wonderful family trip that our family will remember forever. the snorkeling was amazing and the food was unbelievable - I may miss the food the most :) Thanks for the memories you helped me and my family have on a trip of a lifetime.
Incredible Memories
the need to taste life is etched in our brains. It is on trips like these where the flavors come alive. We are all here to experience, to touch, to feel, to listen, to love. All of these sensations lead to feeling. We were all so lucky to feel and experience these these past 7 days - a paradise which has thankfully left indelible memories for the entire clan. We are grateful for your excellent guide services and stellar hospitality.
What an Epic Journey!
This was one of the best weeks of our entire life! From the magnificent food and insane feats that Elena pulled off meal after meal to the non-stop adventures Captain Brian engineered. We so appreciate all the love, laughter and adventure. Thank you for including us in one of the most magical moments of our lives.
Witnessing your engagement and New Years Eve was legendary! Thanks for becoming friends! We wish you nothing but love and adventure and we cannot wait to return for another epic trip on the Black Tortuga.
Happy Everything!

Friendly & Fun To Be Around!
He is strong and healthy and very fit and an awesome Captain. I have watched him do amazing physically-demanding feats.... On top of all this, he is friendly, fun to be around, out-going, and has a well developed sense of humor. Brian has a real positive outlook on life and is always upbeat
Excellent With Guests!
He was excellent with guests – helpful, friendly and fun; letting his natural personality shine through, but was always respectful and a professional Captain.

Everything we Expected and More!
The experience offered in writing seemed too good to be true. In reality, the trip was everything we expected and more. My opinion is that Mr. Christiansen does excellent work under all conditions.
Elena shares her passion for the ocean, diving and fine cuisine. She is incredibly patient and lots of fun to be around.
Check Rates

Guests may take home memories of their charter. Our captain is an award winning photographer ready to capture all of the moments your guests would like to remember forever. He is especially proficient at imaging underwater. Also being a videographer, those fast moving moments won’t be lost. All images taken during the charter can be made available digitally (with no copyright) and guests may do whatever they would want with them, print the images huge for your living room or just post on social media. Whatever you decide to do with your imagery, you will never forget the Virgin Islands.
-->Topside Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter above water): $750
Undersea Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter below water): $950
-->Complete Digital Package (everything): $1250
-->Individual Digital Topside Images: $75
-->Individual Digital Undersea Images: $95
Please arrange beforehand if you are interested in any of these packages. Your final decision can wait until you see what your package looks like.