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Capt. Sylvain Franck

Sylvain and Michal found each other thanks to the joined love for the ocean. They both come from a long history of traveling and ever since they met each other they do it together, working together, sailing together, and even crossing the Atlantic together. They will be happy to share with you their stories, fun experience and professionalism achieved after all those years onboard.

Sylvain grew in the middle west of France, in a traditional wine maker family, with a singer mom and a public entertainer father who gave him the curiosity in life. At age 17 he quit school to discover the world in a circus company and since that he wondered in the world through hundred countries. After three years in West Africa, crossing the Sahara desert he decided to become a sailor and cross the biggest desert of the world… the oceans. After teaching diving and sailing in Japan, Taiwan, the Maldives, Thailand, Mediterranean and Caribbeans, he met Michal in Israel and was fascinated by her joyful energy. Since then they have decided to spend every single minute, having fun around this big blue planet. One of Sylvain passions in life is music, the best way to approach people beyond the barrier of language. He always carries music instruments on board, from French gipsy swing to desert African blues and flamenco, you always hear the crew singing.

Chef Michal Maymom

Michal was always an enthusiastic traveler and found the lifestyle she desired with the boats. After a morning swim with a healthy smoothie or a good cappuccino, she is prepared to give you a yoga lesson to start the day with the tranquility the ocean gives you. Working on different kind of boats with top of the line clients, she will give you the silver service you expect in this kind of vacation alongside the exotic food from all over the world, including Mediterranean, Caribbean, French, Asian and off course, American cuisine. If you have any kind of special diets, she would be happy to divers the menu as you please.

Together, they make the perfect combination, giving you the opportunity to enjoy fun water sports, delicious food and drinks, and good music on board, visiting the beautiful islands, you will have the vacation of your life.


All dishes proposed here are open for your taste and special diets as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.



All breakfast are served with ham and cheese platter, cereals, jam, yogurt, fruit juice, and fresh bread. Beyond that we do a special dish for every day and variety of eggs by your request.

Greek Feta Bourikas

Mini salties, puff pastries filled with greek feta cheese, served with hard boiled eggs and pickles

Israeli shaksuka

Poached eggs cooked with peppers tomatoes and garlic

English tower

Cheesy tower of toasted bread mozzarella bacon and eggs

American pancakes

Blubbery pancakes served with whip cream fruits and maple sauce

Hash brown potatoes

Served with sausage peppers and onions

Eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine

Poached egg on a brioche with bacon and hollandaise sauce, or

 Poached eggs served on a brioche with spinach

Sweet breakfast

Warm cheese cake, variety of croissants and a tropical fruit plate served with ricotta cheese


Pork tenderloin

Tender pork steak served with red wine sauce, and warm mix of beetroot and sweet potatoes

Asian poke bowl with half cooked fish

Half cooked tuna steak coated with sesame, served with avocado, soya beens, purple cabbage, peanuts and coriander sauce

Dried fruits chicken thigh

Soft chicken thigh cooked for a long time to achieve tenderness with dry fruits, served with mint cuscus


A plate of muscles with caramelized onion and a cream and wine sauce

Meatballs in red sauce

Served with curcuma rice and cumin lentils

Spring chicken

Spring chicken marinated with soya and honey served with warm mushroom salad and green salad

bbq afternoon

sausages and pork chops on the grill served with fresh salad and jack in the oven


Variety of charcuterie cheeses and fruits

Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber skewers

Prunes wrapped with prosciutto

Parmesan fingers with yogurt sauce

Spinach puff pastry

Beef nachos with salsa, guacamole and cream cheese



Octopus cooked with tomatoes olive oil and oregano, served with pasta rice

Sea bass with shrimps won tons

sea bass filet served with shrimps won tons, fennel puree and sautéed leek

Rib eye steak

Rib eye steak with white pepper sauce and crushed potatoes

Butterfly sea bream

Butterfly filleted sea bream served with cauliflower puree and antipasti


Salmon in the oven with parsley sauce and sautéed asparagus 

A whole fish cooked in salt

One big fish cooked in salt in the oven, served alongside with butter garlic scallops and greek salad

Lamb chops

Tender lamb chops with pesto risotto

Crunchy chicken breast

Served with baked cherry tomatoes coated with balsamic vinegar and butter and mushrooms gnocchi




Chocolate mousse with blueberries

Tart tatin with vanilla ice cream

Hot chocolate fondant with Chantilly

Cheese cake with strawberries

Greek yogurt with sugared fruits and sweet syrup

Chocolate pie

Belle Helen, vanilla poached pears covered with chocolate sauce

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