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2018  52'Lagoon105 Queen Cabins​

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Capt. Richard Darling

Captain Richard hails from a small town in upstate New York near the Lake Ontario shoreline where he learned absolutely nothing about sailing! That is until he spent some college years in Daytona, then went back to NY and was fortunate enough to enter the racing scene where he purchased his own sailboat and hasn’t stopped sailing since. In 2003, Richard moved to the Virgin Islands and acquired his USCG Master’s License. Since then, he has worked in the charter industry as Captain or Engineer on various sailing and motor yachts up to 160 feet. 

Calling St. Thomas home for more than 15 years. Richard has sailed thousands of miles through the islands and beyond, and he loves sharing some of the best kept secret anchorages and dive locations along the way along with his knowledge of the stars under the beautiful Caribbean night skies.

Chef Christina Astuto

A true New Yorker born and raised in Staten Island from two parents who grew up in Brooklyn, Christina prides herself on her personality and respectful family values. She believes this is what has shaped her personality which has been the foundation for her life. As an Italian American, food has always been an important part of her life. She believes there is no better way to spread love than with a home cooked meal, some great wine, and really good company. 

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Special Education, Christina worked as a preschool teacher in the greater New York area for over 5 years. It wasn’t until she took a trip to South Africa to teach English did she realize that her passion for travel, culture, and exploration exceeded her expectations. It was then that she realized she was settling for a comfortable life which she was good at, but ultimately it did not feed her soul. Unexpected events, call it serendipitous or not, have brought her to the sea and she could not have been more grateful. She has worked two seasons as a chef in destinations such as Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro. She has worked on a variety of different sailboats which allowed her to really grow her passion for sailing. 

As a chef Christina likes to keep her meals as healthy and tasty as possible. To her, flavor is most important and shouldn’t be compromised. Christina likes to cook with the best ingredients she can find, and believes freshness is key. Her cuisine is very exploratory in that she likes to use a variety of flavors, spices, and herbs rather than stick to one specifically. Christina believes people should have a cultural culinary experience when they are eating. She wants you to remember your sailing experience from that moment you see the breathtaking morning sunrise over the horizon to the smell of roasted chicken coming fresh out of the boat’s oven. She truly believes that sailing is an experience for your senses and she’s fully on board to give the best experience she possibly can.



American breakfast * scrambled eggs, bacon, toast * fresh fruit
Lemon ricotta pancakes * breakfast sausage
Mediteranean frittata * shallots, smoked gouda, spinach, kalamata olives * rustic italian bread Smoked salmon tartine * fresh dill, onion, capers * creme brulee grapefruit
French toast bread pudding * brown sugar & fresh berry compote
Shakshuka * peppers, red onion, fresh parsley, harissa sauce * warm naan
Yogurt oat bowls * fresh fruit, nut butter, chia seeds, local honey
Sweet potato hash * fresh rosemary & thyme, maple sausage, sunny side egg * multigrain toast


Fish tacos * crispy cabbage slaw, fresh mango salsa, cilantro sprouts * side of smoked black beans 

Quinoa salad * grilled chicken, arugula, red onion, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic reduction 

Fig & brie turkey burger * side of rosemary sweet potato wedges
Crab cake salad * mixed local greens, homemade tartar sauce
Warm spinach salad * italian farro, crispy pancetta, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano * garlic bread

Mediterranean wrap * olive spread, prosciutto, burrata, grilled eggplant * truffle balsamic glaze Tuna poke bowls * ahi tuna, with all the fixings, served over coconut rice

Koren beef lettuce wraps * fresh cilantro, lime infused sour cream, homemade guacamole * warm tortillas


Local fresh catch * caribbean spiced quinoa, roasted root vegetables Mojo roasted pork * fresh mint & citrus, roasted dijon brussel sprouts, tostones 

Shrimp & polenta * wild patagonian shrimp * side of cheddar biscuits 

Grilled herbed filet * horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower

Homemade italian sauce * spaghetti, ciabatta * caprese salad
Citrus poached salmon * wild rice, roasted fennel, lemon butter asparagus 

Chicken on the BBQ * roasted rustic baby potatoes * grilled mexican street corn


Buffalo chicken dip * crackers, celery, carrots

Charcuterie board * variety of mixed italian meats & cheeses
Prosciutto & melon * honey ricotta crostini
Fresh made guacamole * blue corn tortilla chips
Mixed meze * mediterannean olives, humus, pistachio cream, pickled turnips * pita 

Grandma’s fried meatballs * ciappe
Baked camembert * maple walnuts, rosemary, pomegranates * toasted baguette


Key lime pie * homemade cream-cheese whipped cream *
Fresh strawberry frozen yogurt pie * oreo cookie crust
Brownie * fudgy & gooey chocolate goodness
Spiced apple cobbler * caramel drizzle
Strawberry smores bite * toasted marshmallow, fresh strawberry * chocolate drizzle Peaches & cream * red wine poached peaches * mascarpone crema * biscoff crumble 

February 2021

Our appreciation for you is only surpassed by our love for you. Thank you from the depth of our hearts and souls. Thank you from the depths of the ocean. We love you forever and beyond. - Cincinnati OH 40th Extravaganza

February 2021

From the food, the sailing, the views, snorkeling, late night talks and morning chats you made this trip more than we ever though tit could be! We cant thank you enough for becoming part of the GG family..GG 40th! Jenny P

February 2021

Richard & Christina, We had no idea what to expect on Ventana and it far exceeded your expectations. We felt like your extended family and you treated us like royalty. I will never forget how hard you all worked to make this experience of a lifetime. You all understood us perfectly and worked so hard to make us at home in the USVI's. We cant wait to see you again! Jim P. 

February 2021

This wee was beyond our expectations in every aspect! Richard & Christina made us feel so welcome, immediately. Over the past few days we've become friends and I will miss seeing them each morning. Thank you for everything! Sava & Rafe

January 2021

Sailing on the Ventana with Richard & Christina was the best vacation ever! The food was amazing, the snorkeling was great and the service was the best. We especially loved cocktails and lounging around. This is a definite repeat vacation! Best crew ever!

January 2021

Wow! Best crewmates of all time. The food was great and the winds was high. Richard at the helm of the great Ventana, thank you for caring us through massive swells and making sure our drinks were full. Christina, the best dam cook in any island, ever. let us know when little Italy : a taste of Ventana comes out . These adventures will be remembered for a very very long time and never forgotten. We can't thank y'all enough. The next time you hear werewolf or hear a bud light open we can only hope y'all think of us. This vacation was everything we hoped for and beyond our expectations. 2020 was the worst year of our families lives and this vacation was what we needed for the start for the new year. Song of the week : Feel something different by Ben Miller & Amine.


December 2020

Thank you both so much for an unforgettable week for all the right reasons! The Food, Activities, Etc. have all been better then we could've imagine or wished for.
We loved getting to know the two of you and spend time together. Were already looking forward to our next adventure with you two.
Richard & Christina

Everything exceeded our expectations. You make a great team so glad our crew and your crew made such an awesome connection!
See you soon, until then Cheers to our next adventure
Mike & Beth

December 2020

Wow ! What a week you helped our two families experience your hospitality, knowledge of the islands, pace of travel and amazing food made for life time memories for all and a much needed respite.

On top of that you made both 21st birthday and Christmas celebration uniquely memorable. I'm telling you with certainty no other boat has an "Elf on the Shelf" like Ventana!

All the best the best to both of you and we hope our parts cross again on the beautiful waters of the USVI.

Bob, Kara& Family
Tina, Matt & Family

Thanksgiving 2020
1. Crew Friendliness: A++
2. Crew Knowledge: A++
3. Quality of Service: A++
4. The Professionalism of Crew: A++
5. Value of the Cost of the Charter: Well, of course, we would love for it to cost less but you get what you pay for!
6. On-Board Cuisine: OMGOSH: THIS WAS ABOVE AND BEYOND IN EVERY WAY ON EVERY MEAL. If you have not experienced Christina's culinary extraordinaire experience, then I think you guys need to indulge.
7. Destination / Location: Absolutely love the location of the USVI's and even more now that I do not want to spend our money where it is not welcomed, i.e., the BVI's
8. Water-Sports: I did not personally do any water sports other than stand-up paddleboard and apparently, I am not very good but still had fun. Kids loved them.
9. Overall Satisfaction: Completely satisfied with all that you delivered. We will go again when we can.

What was the most memorable highlight of your yacht charter vacation?
The Thanksgiving Feast prepared by Christina (Seafood Feast); Captain Richard's knowledge and love of what he is doing. Pure relaxation and enjoyment had by our two families.

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding your vacation experience?
We would highly recommend this charter by your company to others along with the recommendation of The Ventana, Capt. Richard and Christina as crew. They worked themselves to the bone and did so with smiles and love. Also, our driver that picked us up at the airport to dock and return was an absolutely wonderful man too. I would recommend him as well.

We want to thank you for supplying us with all the information we needed to get through the COVIDmania traveling. The only thing that could have made this trip better would have been to delete COVIDmania and allow us to be onshore together at a restaurant. We usually enjoyed going ashore for a meal or two but didn't even bother since we could not sit together and wanted to avoid all the hysteria.

Again, thank you for a memorable experience.

July 2020
Dear Richard, we can't thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality. We loved tubing in Magen's Bay, stargazing off St John and snorkeling in countless beautiful coves. The food was incredible - we especially loved the banana pancakes, crab cakes, sun dried tomato ravioli and ALL the deserts! Richard, you make the best "Painkiller", if this Captain thing doesn't pan out, you'll make an excellent mixologist. Thanks for sharing evening card games and giving us a vacation we'll never forget. Although a few dolphins would have been nice lol!

-Nick, Katherine, Sloan, Reese & Grace

July 2020

I've had several people ask about our recent vacation. It was AMAZING btw!! If you're interested in booking a charter for your family, please reach out! !! And don't worry, you won't have to do ALL the work! Seriously what an experience! I highly, highly recommend!

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