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Capt. Kyle Billik

Captain Kyle has spent his life learning from the Ocean. He was raised by his mother Danita, a USCG 100 ton Masters Captain on the ICW of south Florida and beyond, and his Grandfather Sy, who lived in the Caribbean most of his life and survived hurricane Andrew at sea. Sy was an extremely talented tradesperson, and built his cement trawler himself from a bare hull, and taught all he knew to his daughter and Grandson. Kyleʼsʼ mother Danita was making passages to Panama as early as 18, later restored a classic 62ʼ wooden motor yacht to showroom condition among many other impressive accomplishments.

From an early age Kyle was responsible for driving and maintaining the dinghy, helm duties aboard his grandfathers cement trawler on the Abaco Banks and learnt to sail in Abaco, Sailing Dinghies and aboard his mothers classic Cheoy Lee sailboat. His first license to operate a vessel unsupervised on the ICW was earned at 14, the youngest age allowed by law. He traveled between Florida, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and the UK all of his childhood and teenage years.

In his teens and early 20s, Kyle became a mechanic, learned fiberglass repair and fabrication and other skills, but gravitated towards a career as a professional guide. From Wave-runner and river tours in Charleston, Water-sports activities, Offshore sailing in the Gulf Stream and Kiteboarding in the T&C and everywhere in between, Kyle has always enjoyed meeting new people and sharing his love of nautical thrill seeking. As far as hobbies go, Kyle enjoys Kiteboarding, Free-diving, Fishing, Diving, Wake-boarding, Horseback Riding, Sailing, Traveling, Hiking, Drone Photography, and much more.

At 23 he purchased a sailboat in New York, restored her and sailed her to the Virgin Islands over the course of 3 years. Along the way exploring the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgin Islands, and finally falling in love with the USVI and BVI. There he got his USCG 100 ton Masters certification, as well as Aux Sailing, Towing, Management and Leadership, STCW and Advanced SCUBA certifications.

From Captain School in Saint Thomas he was recruited right away to run a 60ʼ luxury catamaran in the BVIs, where he enjoyed hosting his guests and showing them all that the Virgin Islands have to offer. During the off season he sailed to Grenada and ran charters in the Grenadines and Saint Vincent.

After 3 great years of making life long friends and offering “the vacation of a lifetime” Kyle finally found ReAction, a veteran Term Charter Luxury Catamaran. She is the perfect vessel to offer these exceptional vacations not just in the Virgin
Islands, but all over the world!

Chef Nicola Greenaway

Nicola hails from Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, the home of Shakespeare! Although she was born far from the ocean, she first scuba dived when she was just ten years old and from then she was entranced with the beauty of the ocean and of its therapeutic benefits. She holds a degree in psychology and is passionate about sharing the tranquility of SCUBA and the conservation of our oceans with all that will listen.

From working as an instructor and guide onboard yachts in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands, a five star resort in Cyprus and various other islands within Europe and the Caribbean she is never found too far from the ocean! She loves all water-sports and is particularly fond of swimming, with the aim of swimming across the English Channel in the next five years.

Nicola's passion for cooking and travel shows in the beautiful meals that she produces. Priding herself on a fusion style from the many countries she has visited including heavy influences from Europe as well as Asia. She strives to make people happy through the meals she prepares by appealing to both taste and visual senses. Of course she is happy to accommodate dietary requirements and caters to all palates. Her menu is generally focused on healthy delicacies using the freshest local ingredients available.

Away from the Galley and the water, she loves to explore new destinations and cultures. She has also read the vows for over two hundred weddings and renewals across the world from Haiti to Norway and Miami to New Zealand.

Nicola has worked within the customer service industry for over a decade and is looking forward to welcoming you aboard Yes Dear and helping to create an unforgettable vacation along with Captain Kyle. Sharing her absolute passion for the ocean and providing an unforgettable culinary experience she endeavors to deliver the very best experience to all guests in and out of the water!

Kyle and Nicola come together to form the perfect team to run an already well known yacht, and offer your family the very best vacation experience possible. You will never forget your time aboard Yes Dear, and it will be an experience to treasure, always!



Served with fresh seasonal fruit, tea, coffee and juice. Also see ‘“Hangover cures” below 

Spicy Tunisian Shakshuka with feta 

Layered fruit parfait with homemade madeleines

 NY style bagels with lox cream cheese and capers

Potato crusted vegetable frittata 

Gluten free egg muffins three ways:

 Spinach, Tomato and Mozzarella ~ Bacon and Cheddar ~ Garlic mushroom and pepper 

Classic French toast with cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and fresh fruit

 Avocado toast with heirloom tomato and/or spicy feta fried eggs 

Croissants with selection of meats and cheeses 

Soft scrambled eggs, cheesy spinach, chipotle pepper and green chili pepper Quesadilla with spicy avocado salsa 

Crispy and loaded potato hash with bacon, scallions, fried eggs and cheese 

Acai Bowl 

Quiche Lorraine 

Creamy gruyere and mushroom eggs en cocotte

 Avocado breakfast tacos 

Omelettes made to order 

Banana bread french toast with nutmeg dusted whipped cream 



Protein can be added to any of the listed vegan / gluten free dishes. This will be based on guest preference and the freshest local ingredients. 

Malaysian pork Satay with Asian inspired chopped salad tossed in peanut dressing

 Apple and fennel salad with feta 

Flatbread with white bean puree and asparagus ribbons 

Avocado and strawberry Caprese salad 

Carrot and ginger grain bowl 

Ahi tuna poke bowls with spicy cream Avocado and fava bean salad

 Lemon broccoli and caper couscous 

Red and yellow pepper Gazpacho

 Caribbean coconut rice bowl with Brussels sprouts and brocollini

 Crispy baked fish tacos with cilantro lime slaw and Chipotle crema 

Mexican grilled corn salad 

Poblano Quesadilla 

Carrot ribbon tacos with cilantro yoghurt sauce 

Caribbean vegetable soup with homemade chicken broth 

Tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables and spicy sausage 

Roasted cauliflower tacos with Chipotle 



Caprese salad with chorizo

 Garlic hummus with fresh vegetables 

Fresh catch ceviche 

Charcuterie board with selection of cheeses and gourmet cured meats

 Pico de gallo 

Traditional tomato gazpacho 

Baked brie with pecans 

Crispy pita chips dipped in a warm parmesan and artichoke dip

 Grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto 

Italian four cheese arancini 

Kielbasa sausage bites with glazed pineapple 

Caribbean spiny lobster dip 

Bacon wrapped dates with apple and goats cheese 

Avocado pesto mozarella tartines 

Crispy vegetable spring rolls with a sweet chilli dipping sauce 

Pierogies with caramelised onions sautéed in French butter 



Paella Valencia with Chorizo and local seafood 

Slow cooked marinated pork tenderloin with Asian stir fry and fresh ginger

 Thai green chicken or vegetable curry with jasmine rice 

Fresh Caribbean Spiny lobster (When available) 

BBQ ribs with lemon infused green beans and crispy new potatoes 

Pan-Seared Wahoo with mango salsa and coconut rice 

Filet Mignon with peppercorn sauce, crispy potatoes with rosemary and garlic butter and fresh seasonal roasted vegetables 

Mediterranean-style Ratatouille Pappardelle 

Traditional English ‘Sunday Roast’:

Slow cooked roasted chicken with spicy pork sausage, sage & onion stuffing served with gravy & roasted seasonal vegetables. 

Sesame crusted seared Ahi on a bed of crunchy ribbon vegetables, seaweed salad and noodles finished with a soy, ginger and lime sauce with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy accompaniments 

Chicken or vegetable tikka masala with basmati rice and Naan 



Yoghurt and cereal Baked 

Jalapeno Mac n Cheese Pizza 

Cups Local fish sticks Chicken 

Tenders Tater Tachos 





Pear and almond cake with lemon mascarpone 

Dark chocolate avocado mousse 

Keylime pie with ginger nut crust

 White chocolate and berry cheesecake / Mango coulis cheesecake 

Decadent chocolate, rum and fudge pie

 Mango mousse with passionfruit coulis

 Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and creme fraiche

 Classic creme brûlée 

Poached pears in honey, ginger and cinnamon 

Chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream 

Authentic tiramisu 

Summer fruit compote with scented cream Chocolate fondant 



Hangover cures

Tropical fruit mimosas

 Gazpacho bloody Mary

 Irish coffee/Baileys and Coffee 



Mango rum and tea (THE day drink) 

Angostura lemon lime bitters 

Ting wid a Sting

 Habañero Margarita

 Fresh tropical fruit smoothies 

Painkiller (regular and frozen)

 Lime in de coconut reg/frozen 

Spritz Veneziano (Aperol spritz) 

Wine spritzer (red or white) 

Sangria (red or white) 

Triluna Vino (white) 

Caipirinha (lime or passion fruit) 




 Dark and stormy 

Cucumber and Antiguan basil Gin and Tonic

Intimo Vino (red)

 Espresso Martini 

White Russian 

Tawny/Ruby Port 



Patron XO Cafe

Baby Guinness (nothing like Guinness)

Espresso Martini

Lime Drop

Passion Fruit O Bomb



METAL STAWS ONLY. BYOU (Bring your own umbrella)

April 2021

Thank you again for all your hard work in making a wonderful charter experience for our clients!  We look forward to working with you again soon!

Captain Kyle was obviously no spring chicken when it comes to sailing, and he and Nik were VERY knowledgeable when it comes to the best places to find any sea creature you could imagine. They are the "dream team" when it comes to sailing, watching out for each other and tag teaming duties when necessary. We were astounded by the difference in travel by yacht or by land. There is no way we would have experienced the Virgin Islands the way we did by car! They taught my kids how to sail and how to tie knots. Kyle and Nikola had a seemingly endless supply of energy and always engaged with our family as if we were family of their own! They even spent their spare time playing card games with us in the evening! Kyle was always ready and willing to give us a dinghy ride anywhere we wanted to go, and Nikola is a SPECTACULAR chef! There was not a meal, drink or snack that was even close to a let down! We have decided that any other yacht vacation we would take would be a huge let down if Captain Kyle and Nikola were not our crew! We love them like family and are so thankful they were part of our vacation! Jessica did a great job matching our family with the perfect crew!

April 2021

Our experience on Yes Dear could not have been better! The yacht is beautiful, Captain Kyle is professional and very experienced, and Nik is an extraordinary chef! What a beautiful world they were able to show us! We are so grateful for the opportunity to travel with them!

March 2021

Yes Dear Yacht was an amazing experience!! Nicola and Kyle were a dynamic duo crew!! They worked tirelessly to get the job done, yet were so easy to converse with and get to know!! All of the meals were beyond fantastic!! Highly recommend Yes Dear!! Do yourself a favor, and book it today!!

March 2021

We just had the most amazing trip on Yes Dear with Kyle & Nicola. Couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect trip. There were 10 of us and we ate & drank & partied and relaxed to our hearts content! It was hard to choose between Nicola’s Painkillers or kyle’s! And the food was amazing. She made the most delicious homemade key lime pie for one of our Groups bday. And the tuna poke... I can go on & on. She even catered to our group with one person who didn’t like seafood & one vegetarian with ease!! Yum!! Can’t go wrong with this boat & crew!

March 2021
Ok, my wife and I got invited for a week cruise on this beautiful sail/motor catamaran. We had no idea what to expect, but knew we were hoping for blue water and a great time.
Our hopes were answered and came early on! We arrived at the dock and boarded this luxury 58’ cat with the owner and his wife, 2 great additional couples and the BEST crew ever (if your not on a diet!!)
I cannot thank “The Captain” KYLE and his first and best mate NICOLA who prepares, dishes and serves the best and most presentable unique local island favorite cuisines.
We spent time relaxing, sailing, splashing around on the stern trampolines while under sail. Days also included shore stops on beaches, random remote dives for fish and lobster, and a lot of excellent blue water snorkeling.
While moored, early evenings and some lunches included a run to shore for local restaurants and shops.
I am looking forward to booking again and check out additional swim spots

To the “2 crew of you”, thank you very much for such a memorable fantastic time. Your yachting knowledge was far beyond what I had anticipate. You both worked so hard non stop. First up and last out, catered to all four couples request for food, drinks and entertainment. You two are incredibly wonderful individuals that really work great together!! We will always wish you the best.
March 2021
Had a fabulous time on the Yes Dear yacht. We were truly impressed with Captain Kyle and all the knowledge he has in sailing. He knew the perfect spots to anchor for snorkeling and kayaking.
Our chef Nicola, prepared amazing gourmet dishes for us everyday. Presentation was beautiful.

All of this happened in the most beautiful water you will ever see.
February 2021

Yes Dear Yacht was an amazing experience!! Nicola and Kyle were a dynamic duo crew!! They worked tirelessly to get the job done, yet were so easy to converse with and get to know!! All of the meals were beyond fantastic!! Highly recommend Yes Dear!! Do yourself a favor, and book it today!! 

February 2021
Had a fabulous time on the Yes Dear yacht. We were truly impressed with Captain Kyle and all the knowledge he has in sailing. He knew the perfect spots to anchor for snorkeling and kayaking.
Our chef Nicola, prepared amazing gourmet dishes for us everyday. Presentation was beautiful.

All of this happened in the most beautiful water you will ever see.
February 2021
First of all, what a SERIOUSLY cool boat!! WOW!! And to go with it... a SERIOUSLY GREAT crew!! LOVED Captain Kyle and Nicola!! WE had such a great time with them and we absolutely look forward to seeing them again!
I have to say, we all were very impressed with Captain Kyle's knowledge and sailing abilities. Everything he did was so effortless.... if you take a vacation with Capt. Kyle on "Yes Dear", you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
Now.... let's talk about the gourmet food.... What Nicola can do with food all week long on the boat, is nothing short of amazing!! Everything she prepared was absolutely delicious and there was absolutely no shortage of her gourmet meals! (My personal favorite, Nicola's home-made key lime pie!)
The scenery speaks for itself.... you are simply in paradise. So its your choice to relax, swim, snorkel, fish, eat, drink, all while marveling at God's wonders.

"Yes Dear", the crew and the Caribbean was simply a incredible experience!
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